After gathering dozens of publications, rearranging most important information and backed by the power of the Internet, the EHPEA Resource Center is now ready to provide customized information assistance to its members, partners, academia, entrepreneurs, researchers and policy makers, and all interested.

Respectively, EHPEA assumes the role of facilitating access to timely information and building capacity of its members and partners to global standard driven by its export market linkages. For that purpose, EHPEA is operating a mini library and website for disseminating information for years now.

Accordingly, EHPEA has become increasingly the national centre of reference for horticulture engagements serving visitors from all segments of the economy that includes the private business, government offices, academia, researchers, and local/international NGO’s and multilateral institutions and people.

This resource centre is now a tool to further strengthen the association’s information collection, dissemination, training, promotion and linkage among all actors at local and international level.