EHPEA Code of Practice

EHPEA Code of Practice is a voluntary sector standard developed by the sector to guide, monitor and communicate the social and environmental performance of flower and cuttings farms engaged in production for export.

The code sets requirements for good agricultural practices, protection of the environment, worker Welfare and employment practices at three levels - Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze level certification includes basic legal requirements and key issues for the market and local stakeholders while the Silver level certification is broadly similar to the recognized market labels in use in the sector. Finally, the Gold level certification requires a farm to be active in the implementation of corporate social responsibility (CSR), product quality management and capacity building for the sector.

The aim of EHPEA Code of Practice is to encourage farms to use responsible production and employment practices that will contribute to the farm being ethical and sustainable.

A multi-stakeholder group represented by farms, government and civic society works with EHPEA to advise on the content and implementation of the standard and independent auditing and certification is carried out by Control Union Certification, CUC.

Initial support for the establishment of the Code has been provided by Ethio-Netherlands Horticulture partnership (ENHPP) and farms now pay a contribution to training costs plus the full fee for the external audit by CUC.

Support for Implementation

EHPEA Training Department trainers provide continuous support for farms that implement the Code. A baseline assessment is undertaken by trainers along with farm staffs and an action plan to prepare the farm before external auditor visit is done ahead of time. Farm staffs are allocated to take responsibility for internal auditing, environment and safety, and relevant trainings are provided by the EHPEA trainers.

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